Welcome to A Tribe Called Reclama

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We're a spiritual hiking & journaling club for women of color.

Welcome to A Tribe Called Reclama. 

My name is Cindy Y. Rodriguez and I created Reclama as a way to help Pachamama reconnect with the women who needed it most. At first these rituals out in the woods were personal but after seeing how much it helped me heal, I had to share it. 

I am creating what I wished existed when I was younger.

Reclama is a combination of my love of nature, spiritual knowledge from my Peruvian family and being a journalist sharing what I've learned from my time traveling, camping, writing and hiking all over the world. 

"It's like the Girl Scouts but for brujas." 
- Reclama hiker

Since 2018, we've been working with the seasons and moon cycles to hike with intention under the New or Full Moon, go camping and learn about foraging, or go to Upstate New York to spend a weekend in a cabin. 

When the weather's right we dig our toes into the ground and get smudged by yours truly so we can go into the woods with as much ease possible. We don't hike like everyone else, and that's more than okay. 

And, now we're launching our very own hiking and journaling clerbbbb for women of color.  Join us! 

Looking for a hiking buddy? We gotchu. 

Want to meet like-minded women of color who also love nature and journaling? Or others reclaiming their ancestral roots? 

Yup, that's us. 

Members will get: 

Two seasonal hikes, a summer sunset meetup, guided journaling sessions, monthly healing circles, like-minded community, deep discounts (22%), custom content, and an option to campout with us this fall and much more. Check out the tiers for more!

This is how we heal. Reclaiming our time again and again so we can keep coming back to ourselves. This is our chance to create a world just for us that's safe AND fun as hell where you can grow with women who look and sound just like you. 

Check out our Instagram account to get better acquainted. 

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